Qatar Company Formation

At the Bethel Group, we offer international companies the best opportunity to establish a commercial presence in Qatar’s vibrant business market.

Research & Project Discovery

When partnering with us, you and your company are considered part of the Group and therefore will have access to our propriety research team who can be mobilised to focus on specific projects and tenders.  

Consulting Services

With decades of experience, our management team are skilled in providing expert advice in a wide range of industries including consultancy in law, management, information technology, and auditing and accounting.

Professional Document Solutions

With direct access to Qatari Government Departments and Ministries, our clients can utilise our Professional Document Solutions Services for company establishment and ongoing administration. 

Welcome to bethel group

Established in 2011 under the leadership of Chairman Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Hassan Al Thani, Bethel Group is now one Qatar’s most successful holding companies. Specialising in business services, Bethel Group provides foreign investors, companies and individuals with a streamlined and financially efficient approach to conducting business successfully in the affluent State of Qatar.

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Bethel Engineering

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Bethel Construction

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Bethel Professional

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